Wednesday, August 29, 2007

No ugly cracks please

As one of his last, and most important tasks, it seems Karl Rove is determined to get to the bottom of a serious breach in security.

After a speech at American University earlier in the year, he was taunted mercilessly by some protesters who were determined to display their better side.

This obviously raised a stink with Rove, who is now turning to the Secret Service to perform some serious undercover work. I'm sure they'll discover whomever was behind this dastardly behaviour. Rove, apparently, does not appreciate being the butt of someone else's idea of a joke.

Thanks for your service, Karl.


Anonymous said...

So did you see Karl Rove's shrink wrapped car with the stuffed eagles.

Ed McKeon said...

Frat boy stuff. But it's okay when his "friends" do it. He won't be sending the Secret Service after them.