Saturday, August 4, 2007

And the clowns take a summer break, but not before a little funny business

The very same Senate Democrats who have railed against the Bush administration's power grab in the executive branch have handed the President another tool to dismantle civil liberties unchecked.

And they've done it in the worst way possible. First, they succumbed to last-minute pressure by the White House who treated the legislation as an emergency fix, although they knew that they wanted the legislation adjusted months ago.

Second, they voted on the eve of a month-long summer break, assuring us that they had not the time or energy to consider the important details of the bill they passed.

Third, they voted out of feat that they would be portrayed as soft on terror, and likely not because they actually agreed, or thought that the legislation was necessary.

We can only hope the legislation is killed in the House.

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Miss Rachel said...

Hey Ed. I enjoy your radio show and was delighted to find you have a blog. Great content here!

I have a blog too, but mine is more about my fitness quest and what I ate for dinner and that sort of thing. I am politically left, though, and I thought I would share with you yet another (!!!) outrage courtesy of the Bush administration: Was the Pin-up Boy of Bush's War on Terrorism Assassinated?