Tuesday, July 3, 2007

Take two pillars and call me in the morning

A few weeks ago, during graduation and reunion weekend at Wesleyan University, a delivery truck rammed one of the two pillars at the exit drive to the Russell House and knocked it down.

When I saw the missing pillar, I called Wesleyan facilities and they promised that the pillar would be rebuilt. Last week, they began to repair the pillar. Yesterday, while I was at work they finished.

Problem is, they only built the pillar to half it's original size, and then demolished the second pillar to match.

Now it looks like this.

When it should look like this.

I couldn't get anyone to answer their phone at the University today with tomorrow's imminent holiday, so I can't guess as to the motivation. Given the U's propensity to err in favor of cars and their drivers, I'm guessing the shorter pillar gives better sight lines to exiting autos. Though in the six years I've been in my house, I haven't witnessed a single accident.

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