Monday, July 23, 2007

A love letter to Creepy Joe

So Lanny Davis gets all teary-eyed when considering Creepy Joe Lieberman's voting record.

The first clue to Davis' impaired emotional state of mind is his reminiscence on the Pentagon-manufactured media moment when Saddam Hussein's statue was torn down in the public square in Baghdad. Davis recalls: "My heart sang as I watched on television." Ulp. Be prepared for the worst.

So Davis proclaims the wisdom behind Creepy Joe's public chastisement of Bill Clinton's private indiscretion and he champions Lieberman's call for the resignation of Donald Rumsfeld, and the junior senator's criticism of Bush's handling of the war. What he doesn't recognize is the shrewd timing of every Lieberman statement and vote. He's repeatedly voted on crucial issues only when it's politically safe for him to cast a vote which he can later champion in public. The problem for Lieberman now is that he can't hide. He's in a position as tie-breaker where we can see that he votes with conservative Republicans on nearly every issue where his (former) party needs him.

And please, don't tell me how liberal his votes have been. That's not a reflection of his liberalism, it's a reflection of just how conservative the Senate has been.

Credit to the Courant for identifying Davis as a friend of Lieberman in the byline, but why would they run this love letter as opinion in the first place?

By the way, Davis is a bit thin-skinned about the criticism thrown his way by liberal bloggers. What was it Truman said, "I you can't stand the heat..."

Colin McEnroe's thoughts on the issue here.

Worse still, I find Douglas McKinnon, former press secretary for Bob Dole, calling Creepy Joe, "one of the most decent people ever to walk the halls of Congress." Well, isn't that like saying. "Charles Manson is the best songwriter to walk the halls of San Quentin."

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