Thursday, July 12, 2007

"Give the American soldier a break...."

Yes, that's exactly what Senator Creepy Joe Lieberman said yesterday. Though he didn't mean it in the way you and I might expect. He was saying something like: Give them a break. Let them do the job they were sent there to do. Let them be blown to bits by roadside bombs. Let them suffer through extended deployments. Let them be wounded and maimed for life. Look, as long as it isn't me.

I heard chickenhawk blowhard Jim Vicevich at the end of his WTIC radio show yesterday saying the same kind of thing. Both of these cowards never served, but are willing to offer up the blood of these sons and daughters, mothers and fathers, who volunteer out of a sense of duty.

Both of these cowards maintains that they are the voice of the soldier. Both claim that the soldiers want to do their job.

Here's what troubles me.

First of all, both of these know-it-alls, bases his understanding of what a soldier wants by talking to a handful of military men and women. That's anecdotal, and certainly not conclusive. No single soldier, nor small group, speaks for the entirety of those in the military on any side of the issue.

Secondly, it's already been demonstrated that military personnel do not feel they can be forthcoming to a visiting Senator.

Third, our radio show host seeks out military personnel who agree with his point of view. He has often disconnected veterans who disagree with him. In the case of our senator, there are several Iraq veterans who say that the cause is futile. He just can't bear to hear them.

Fourth, what do both of these geniuses expect. In training, military recruits are trained to forgo individuality for the sake of his/her comrades and their mission. I would expect that most soldiers would support the mission, or suffer the consequences.

Fifth, much documented information has shown that many military, and their families are fed up. And this isn't something that just started happening yesterday. Many service men and women have lost faith in their leaders because these leaders have not supported them with the right equipment, the right medical and mental health care, nor the right mission.

Sixth, the re-enlistment rate is apparently high. But I've heard that many soldiers re-up because they feel they are abandoning their brothers-in-arms, if they don't. It's a commitment to their friends at risk, and not to the mission or their commander-in-chief. Lieberman also doesn't mention the huge financial incentives offered by the military to re-up.

These two bloodthirsty, delusional chickenhawks need to give it a rest, and really give the American soldier a break.

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