Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Stanza loan

When Colin McEnroe heard that the Sunken Garden Poetry festival was sunk, he decided to take the matters in his own hands.

And in his inimitable manner, he created, in a matter of moments, the Lake Solhany Poetry Festival, which will take place in Farmington on the lawn outside of the broadcast studios of WTIC-AM. Lake Salhany, named sarcastically, after the General Manager at the station, is something of a holding pond poised on the edge of an industrial park.

Nonetheless, while the idea is presented with at least a touch of irony, the poetry will be offered, as poetry is, with touches of synecdoche and metonymy.

Here's instructions from Colin on how to reach the festival at the Off World Colony. Bring a bottle of zin, a dictionary and some bug spray.

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