Monday, July 16, 2007

It ain't Ralph, it's the Democratic Party

For God's sake, put the blame where the blame belongs.

It's clear now that the Democratic Party is incompetent to affect change. Ralph Nader did not steal the presidency from Al Gore. The Republicans stole the election, and Al Gore didn't have the spine to stand up to them (abetted by the advice of none other than Creepy Joe Lieberman). Now look where we are.

So why does the formidable liberal website, Buzzflash, have this to say:

Nader Vows He Has the Right to Help Drain Votes from the Democrats and Give Us Another Eight Years of a Republican Nightmare. Ralph, Park Your Bruised Ego Already and Stick with Consumer Issues. You Couldn't Govern a Parking Lot

This is a website that rails against hypocrites, acting as hypocritically as those it criticizes. I think Buzzflash owes Nader an apology, and needs to consider whether it is a mouthpiece for ineffectual Democrats.

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