Thursday, July 26, 2007

Concert of the week

Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
July 25-29
Dodds Farm, Hillsdale, NY

The annual gathering of the the tribe in the Northeast, where old hippies instruct young, and young hippies instruct the old in the uses of the internet. Just as scruffy as some of the audience members, this festival honors the craft of the song as it invites some of the best (Richard Shindell, Dar Williams) and some of the newest (Ellis) to demonstrate that "folk" music isn't some dusty tome to be pulled from the shelf. Other notable artists appearing include Arlo Guthrie, Eilen Jewel, Jimmy LaFave, Mary Gauthier. Polka hits the dance tent this year in the form of the incredible Jimmy Sturr. Just over the border from Connecticut, you can stay the day, or become initiated into the Falcon Ridge Family.

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