Monday, July 30, 2007

From a Vice President to the President of Vice

It's one thing for we regular observers of the executive branch power grab to complain about Dick Cheney and his role as Prince of Darkness. It's another when it's some who once held the office who makes the complaint.

Georgetown law professor Rosa Brooks skewered him too.

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Anonymous said...

The first piece was actually included in today's op-ed page of the Hartford Courant.

It's not reassuring to think this could actually become the norm -- put an electable airhead on the on the top of the ticket, then get a despicable sociopath to run (ruin?) the country as VP.

It sure is easier than the Manchurian Candidate method -- no messy mind-control methods to master. You just have to make sure the actual POTUS is idiot enough to never realize or question the mess he's making. (They might never find a better bonehead than W, but I'm sure many others would suffice.)

Hey, how about a TV actor from Law and Order?