Monday, July 30, 2007

Postcards from Congress

Much has been made of Iraqi lawmakers taking a long vacation in the midst of chaos.

Some have also questioned the August recess of our own noble US legislators. In the midst of a war spiraling out of control, a collapsing Department of Justice, a continuing attempt to consolidate power by the Executive Branch, an ongoing threat to our civil liberties, I think it would be appropriate for the House and Senate to abbreviate their August hiatus.

What harm would come in shortening their journey back to their home territories. I doubt there would be many complaints from constituents who want something done about the war, the Attorney General, the President and yes, when the Bear starts sliding, our economy.

In Connecticut, we know our Senators will be out of touch. Dodd's on his quixotic run for President, so he'll likely be visiting other home territories, and Creepy Joe Lieberman, he'll pop up in places he knows folks won't scream at him. Don't expect to find Creepy Joe at the local diner. He doesn't need your vote this year.

As for our Representatives, sure they deserve a week or two to visit Hammonasset, but will they be doing the work of the people for a month, or will it be junkets and margaritas on the Vineyard?

Sometime this week, give your representative a call and ask them to shorten the traditional Congressional break (instituted, by the way, in a time before air conditioning when DC was a fetid swamp in August...oh right, air conditioning hasn't changed that), and return to the life or death work that waits on their desks. At the very least, ask for a schedule of what your representative will be doing in August. Maybe they'll send you a postcard.

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