Monday, March 24, 2008

What about the Peace resolution?

Another thought on the Democratic Town Committee in Middletown. I know the committee voted to condemn George Bush, and the Iraq war, and I know that the Democrats on the town council fought to allow citizens to propose a anti-war resolution to the council.

However, not a single Democratic Town Council (and that's all it would take, a single member) has had the backbone to take the resolution and offer it to the Council for a vote. What's at risk? Someone may claim it's inappropriate, unpatriotic, weak on terrorism. Seems like a small risk on the day it was announced that the 4,000 American had died in Iraq.

I suggested some time ago that a Republican member of the Council offer the resolution and embarass the Democrats into voting for the war, or against it.

For those who think it has nothing to do with our town, consider one simple to understand fact. Middletown's share of war costs, as of today is nearly $137 million dollars.

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