Saturday, March 29, 2008

Repeat after me: polls are good guesses

So, why in hell does the Hartford Courant give any credence to the opinion of Douglas Schwartz, director of a Quinnipiac poll which show that Chris Dodd's approval numbers have fallen from 60 to 51 per cent.

Said Schwartz: "No incumbent wants to start a re-election campaign with numbers that low."

Oh? And Schwartz is a credible source because he's talked to thousands of incumbents? Because his job is like predicting long-term weather conditions? Like writing the Farmer's Almanac? Like scanning the heavens to develop horoscopes? Like flipping through Confucius to compose fortune cookie fortunes?

Face it, the polling business is just that, a business. It's not science because pure research would not be so consumed with getting the brand (Quinnipiac) out there, or making the pollster into the star.

Schwartz's job is to collect numbers, and report numbers. His opinions are of no consequence, at least to me. In fact, his polls are of no consequence to me.

And if the Courant wants to write about an unpopular Senator, how about a piece on the despised Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, traitor to his party and his constituents. At least Dodd is moving about the state with ease. Lieberman slinks in and slinks out, unannounced for fear of being confronted by some of those constituents he has misled.

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