Thursday, July 10, 2008

Richard Shindell's digital mishap

Isn't there a law against musicians, especially professional musicians, playing with axes, hatchets and sharp kitchen knives?

Well, maybe there isn't such a law in Argentina.

The folk world is rife with murder ballads, and songs of death and dismemberment, so it's no wonder that through the miracle of the folk process, Richard Shindell's accidental loss of the tip of his left index finger magnified into web tales of gruesomely lost limbs, hours of hopeless surgery, and a folk singer who would have to learn to play "Are You Happy Now?" one-handed.

The truth is far less dramatic
, though still painful. Shindell had a minor logging accident and lopped off a small bit of finger. He's healing, but some of his American dates have had to be cancelled (there aren't many chords that can be formed on the fretboard without the index finger). So far, his date at the Green River Festival are still on is calendar, but, stay tuned.

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