Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Hell, Gary Kamiya says it better than me

I don't get the folks at Buzzflash. First they skewer Ralph Nader, and now they rail against satire.

They actually write a headline that reads, How About A New Yorker Cover With The Editor's Head Up His Ass?

Ho, ho, now that's funny, in a childish, unsophisticated, sophomoric kind of way. The editorial is the most stupid misunderstanding of satire that I've ever read. How about a Buzzflash headline that reads, "This Just In: Stephen Colbert Is Not A Right Wing Asshole!" Mark Karlin, better re-read your idiotic "editorial" (notice the "ironic" use of quotation marks, Mark), because your own predjudices are on display.

At Salon, Gary Kamiya diagnoses a severe "loss of sense of humor" on the left, as a result of cynicism overdose.

Where's Kurt Vonnegut when we need him?

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