Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Holy Moses!

Creepy Joe™ Lieberman is being abandoned by an obvious constituency, Jewish voters. In a recent poll, 48% of Jewish voters viewed him unfavorably, while 37% held a favorable viewpoint.

I can think of many things which would turn voter away, but Exodus 23:1 might hold the answer:

"Do not spread false reports. Do not help a wicked man by being a malicious witness."

Tonight Lieberman provides malicious witness at a gathering hosted by the most wicked Reverend John Hagee (who Lieberman has likened to Moses), at what is being called a Washington-Israel Summit of Christians United for Israel.

Hagee, who is on record with vicious anti-Gay, anti-Semitic and anti-Catholic comments has been condemned by none other than John McCain.

Today, Glenn Greenwald, of Salon, take Lieberman to task for his support of Hagee. I think Lieberman ought to re-read Exodus before he takes to the podium and makes any more Moses analogies.


Anonymous said...

Senator Lieberman has always been a strong supporter of Israel yet his inability to understand the complexities of the region alienates many of his former supporters.
It is possible to believe in the 2-state situation, possible to criticize the Israeli and Arab governments (one should take the time to read the Israeli press only to get a decent feel for the everyday life of Israelis and Palestinians) and important to back the individual states, regimes, and territories as they begin the long process of talking to each other. There are constituents on all sides who would rather talk with. guns or missiles but many more tired of the continuous bloodshed.
Like the environmental issues in our country and around the world, change for the better takes a long time and much personal sacrifice. In the Middle East, it's extraordinarily hard to change the hatred and habits of many centuries but I believe we all know what is possible if we only talk through using force.

Ed McKeon said...

A well-presented case. Richard. If only we didn't have politicians running the world.