Sunday, July 6, 2008

Creepy Joe's™ republican talking points

On ABC's This Week, Creepy Joe™ Lieberman debated Senator Jack Reed about Iraq and Iran.

In the kind of crazy logic that he calls non-partisanship, Lieberman criticizes Obama for shifting his position on Iraq to one that he says is closer to John McCain's. One would think, therefore, that if the only issue keeping Lieberman from supporting a fellow Democrat was Iraq, that he could now fully back Obama.

But no, Lieberman confounds by saying that Obama has been inconsistent, and incorrect in his Iraq policy. In fact, Lieberman does everything but call Obama a flip-flopper, and he reprises a tactic from his campaign against Ned Lamont, remember this:

My opponent is running against me, as you said, on this one issue. And yet even on this one issue, he has not leveled and been consistent with the people of Connecticut. He has taken all sorts of positions. One day saying he is for withdrawal and another day he is not. One day saying he is for a specific deadline, another day he is not.

Today, he said the same thing about Obama. It's a tired, old strategy, although one which worked for Lieberman against Lamont.

And with his fearmongering on Iran, Lieberman once again demonstrates that he represents Israel first, his version of the U.S. second, and Connecticut in a distant third.

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