Thursday, July 3, 2008

Fox outs themselves as propagandists

(photos via Huffington Post)

In their disgusting, childish and ridiculous retouching of photos of NY Times reporter and editor Steven Redicliffe and Jacques Steinberg, Fox News has descended to new lows - to the level of the National Enquirer, in fact. They've demonstrated their alignment with racist, anti-Semitic, xenophobic propagandists of the past.

There is a well-documented tradition of portraying your enemies as monsters, or as buffoons, while portraying yourself heroically. It is a sure sign of propaganda. It is the proof, as if we needed it, that Fox News is so biased that their "news" is not news, but simply right-wing, paranoid public relations for a hate-filled philosophy.

It is, of course, a logical extension of the lies and innuendo Fox "News" spreads as a replacement for fact.

(Lights! Makeup! Cameras! Lies!)

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