Tuesday, August 14, 2007

It says here

So rumors have it that Rupert Murdoch has his sites set on the New York Times. I encourage you to listen to Billy Bragg's "It Says Here," a song he wrote in the eighties about Murdoch's media monopoly in Britain. It has spread here in a way that's as devastating as mad cow disease.

So, perhaps the Great Gray Lady, will be tarted up with some rouge and new shoes. Pimp my paper, Rupert.

But the Lady has already stooped to conquer during the Bush administration, with Judith Miller's pandering stories about WMD's, and a tendency, until recently, to accept White House press releases as if they contained even a grain of truth.

So when, a few weeks back, I read a Sunday Op-Ed by Michael O'Hanlon and Kenneth Pollack that suggested the United States could actually "win" the war in Iraq, I had a moment of pause. Soon enough, the lefty blogs began to discredit O'Hanlon and Pollack's claims, but not before the mainstream media began to extol the wonderous progress being made in Iraq, as proclaimed by the Op-Ed. All of this was further driven, inexpicably given his lace of credibility, by claims from Dick Cheney that even the Times saw a light at the end of the tunnel.

So, when Glenn Greenwald finally had the opportunity to interview O'Hanlon and Pollack, and dissemble their ludicrous argument, it's almost a relief. Except that The Times had fallen for the public relations ploy once again.

Can they fend off Murdoch? You won't read about it in The Times.

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