Saturday, August 4, 2007

A half-wit with a thesaurus

I can honestly say that I never found Dennis Miller to be funny. You have to admit that Saturday Night Live has been all downhill since the first four seasons, and Miller was responsible for his share of the downfall.

He was always more impressed with his intellect than he deserved to be. You want smart comedian, think John Stewart. You want faux-intellectual, Dennis Miller is your man. He uses big words, that he himself doesn't seem to understand, with all the subtlety of an oversized cudgel.

I haven't seen much of him lately. Mostly because if I see his face on TV, I click right on by.

I know he couldn't make it as a football commentator, following in the footsteps of that other wingnut sportsfan Russ Limbaugh. Unlike other illustrious, and even not-so-illustrious SNL alum, he never had much of a movie career (excuse me, how about "Bordello of Blood"?) And now, apparently, after a conversion to conservatism on 9/11, he's got his own syndicated methane producing right-wing talk show.

Doesn't surprise me.

So when I saw Miller criticize Chris Dodd's defense of Yearly Kos on Bill O'Reilly's political science fiction TV show, (be forewarned, I swiped the video from a conservative blogger's sight, and it's instructive to see how they viewed the encounter) I thought, "How pitiful to be so drunk on your own ego that you let it rob you of grace and common sense." Then I thought, "Dennis Miller didn't start our with much grace and common sense, so it was petty theft."

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