Sunday, August 12, 2007

Epistle from SF Hansen about Uncle Earl

Susan Forbes Hansen attended the Uncle Earl/Devil Makes Three show at the Iron Horse, and this is what she had to say:

A terriffic show! I got there after the line had entered the Horse, but still got a good seat because it wasn't very full at six-ish. The place filled up slowly and was packed by the time the music started. As with Washburn's show at Wesleyan, I wasn't the oldest in the house, and the musicians weren't the youngest. The audience was VERY loud in its appreciation. Lotsa fun.

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Anonymous said...

Uncle Earl was loved at the Irish Connections Festival Sunday in Canton Mass. A number of us braved the sun at the Compass Stage, which was killer hot, as fans responded wildly from the back in the shade and from the covered tent area on the side.

Uncle Earl shared a terrific Nanci Griffith story from Saturday night. All five from Uncle Earl stood in line to meet Nanci and were over the top with excitement. During their set on Sunday, they responded to the crowds applause with 'THANK YOU KINDLY' and then giggled.

One terrific thing about this festival, is it is family friendly, so there are newborns to great grandparents. Next year, we'll ge going for the weekend.