Friday, August 31, 2007

And a note saying: "If you're reading this, you've destroyed our beautiful building."

So, they've found a "time capsule" buried under the rubble or what was once the stately convent of St. John's Church.

Rev. Gregory Mullaney, who was once in residence at St. John's, feels the time capsule links the church with its past:

"Having something like this helps to give you a sense that these were real people," Mullaney said. "In this case we don't have their faces, but we have their names and that is powerful." "With their names and these items we know a little bit about their lives and who these people were and that helps bring the history alive." "As Catholics, we cherish the fact that we inherit our faith from those who went before us and getting a sense of who these people were is an important thing," he added.

Of course, saving the building and restoring it to its former glory might have been a better connector to the church's history.

Still, we can be assured that a time capsule may be buried under the new community center, which by reports, will be a pre-fab steel, industrial-type building. And when parishoners are forced to demolish it in 30 years, they'll find similar items - a newspaper reporting how the Catholic Church has been forced to pay restitution to victims of priest abuse, a postcard of the old convent that was destroyed to make way for the community center, a report on Mother Theresa's loss of faith late in life, a picture of Bono shaking hands with Pope Benedict, a dollar token from Mohegan Sun, and a condom in a foil package with a picture of Jesus making a peace sign embossed on it.

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