Monday, November 17, 2008

Creepy Joe™ afraid of Rachel?

I missed it Friday, but caught up this morning. It appears that Rachel Maddow has taken up one of my favorite campaigns, exposing the lies, the manipulations of fact, the distortions of logic, the egotisitical twists in behavior of Senator Creepy Joe™ Lieberman.

So much so that she's invited him on her show to tell his version of his truth. I say he doesn't have the guts to take her up on it. That's Senator "they'll-take-that-as-a-sign-of-weakness" Lieberman. Much easier to send an 18 year old with a rifle into Iran than it is to walk yourself into MSNBC, isn't it Joe?


Anonymous said...

I missed Pat Oliphart's editorial cartoon on Wedesnday, November 12 and find it quite appropriate now that Senator Stevenson's fate is almost complete. They both should be put out witn the trash.

Anonymous said...

I've certainly been disgusted with most everything Droopy (aka Senator Creepy Joe™ Lieberman)has said and done over the course of the last two years. Ironically, his decision to endorse and even campaign for McCain was not one of them. It is, after all, a free country, in spite of the last two Bush administrations.

What infuriated me was that he applauded, and then enthusiastically participated in, the very same dishonest character assassination -- vile, baseless mudslinging -- that McCain's misguided Rovian handlers had scripted. Leahy's focus is on-target.

It's great to see Rachel Maddow leading the charge to expose the hypocrite.