Saturday, November 1, 2008

No mickey mousing it

I've really enjoyed the strip comic, Get Your War On, since its debut about the time of the Bush presidential debut, and Kevin Markowski clued me in.

This year when the strip went animated, I've been anything but enthusiastic. The power of the deadpan irony was somehow lost in the moving version.

That changes with the latest release. It skewers McCain supporters, the McCain campaign and Dennis Miller. Well, all right. "More gimmicks and twists than a talking dog at a Chubby Checker concert," indeed.

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CT Bob said...

Yeah, this is the first animated GYWO cartoon that I've enjoyed. They also had a live action show online that totally missed the mark. They're getting better at the animations though.

BTW, I'm loving the "Married To the Sea" comics. I've used a couple of their single panels on my blog. Not too topical usually, but occasionally I'll find something in their archives that's perfect (like the recent "Diebold in the 1800's" comic I posted).