Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Grovel, wheedle, whine and beg

It's now official. Creepy Joe™ Lieberman's chairmanships in the Senate will come down to a vote of the Democratic caucus next week.

This time, Joe, it won't be Republicans voting for you.

This time it won't be uninformed voters who you can deceive with promises to work for a Democratic presidency.

This time it will be the colleagues you've been kicking all summer, Joe.

And constituents are making calls to keep you away from a chairmanship.

How does it feel to be so reviled?

And it looks like you might get kicked back. The votes are piling up against you, just like they did against your pals McCain and Palin.

Wear your shin guards. And for all the begging you're going to have to do, wear your knee pads too. And bring some condiments for all the crow you'll have to eat.

We'll all be out here in Connecticut cheering...against you.

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