Monday, November 10, 2008

Obama's first misstep

So deep a disappointment, so early. Jesus, at least make him grovel.

Connecticut voted for you overwhelmingly, Barack, and this is not what we want.


steadyjohn said...

First misstep; Jesus where have you been the last 2 years Ed?

Anonymous said...

Too bad. I was hoping he'd back him up against a wall again, and tell him what's what.

Ed McKeon said...

Steady John:

Not sure how to take your criticism.

My first instinct is to laugh. Indeed I think this is Obama's first misstep as President-elect.

As candidate, you will find that I found plenty about him to criticize.

That's where I've been the last two years.

I'm the last person to expect perfection from someone who's so able a politician, because, alas, he is a politician.

steadyjohn said...

Ok, only his first misstep as President Elect. And, by the way, exactly what is this "Office of the President Elect" stuff anyway? Rev. Jeremiah Wright explained Barack Obama's denunciation of him as "he's only a politician". Alas! From whom can we expect perfection?