Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Betrayal is unconventional too

On Sunday's Real Story on Hartford's Fox 61, Creepy Joe Lieberman continued his deflection of criticism, avoidance of blame, and refusal to apologize by calling his actions "unconventional."

In addition, Lieberman seems suddenly concerned with Connecticut. Where was that concern when these troubles were brewing throughout last year when he was on the stump for John McCain.

Lieberman also declares, "I've been a good Democrat," but he seems to forget that he left the party during the campaign against Ned Lamont, and that he campaigned for the Republicans.

He strangely admitted that he feels Barack Obama is still less qualified than John McCain for the role of president, but claims he never said Obama was "unready" during the campaign. Keith Olbermann on Countdown, pointed out the inaccuracy of that statement.

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