Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Who snitched on Client 9?

There's no excusing Elliot Spitzer. He cooked his own goose. But who turned up the heat?

Certainly, Republicans, who have seen several high-ranking officials involved in sex scandals, will be delighted to read and comment on all the details of Spitzer's dalliances with high-priced prostitues. So, is it too hard to imagine that a Justice Department already charged with carrying out political vendettas might indeed be responsible for the scope of the Spitzer investigation, and the inevitable "leak" of information to muckraking media organizations like the New York Times, and ABC News.

Harper's Scott Horton is skeptical about the purity of the investigation. And considering the circumstances, who could blame him.

Should Spitzer resign? Sure as soon as David Vitter and Larry Craig do.

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