Sunday, March 2, 2008

Hello Central, give me everybody

President Bush would like us to believe that al-Qaeda hasn't figured out that our country is doing everything possible to listen to calls its members make. Excuse me, but I'd guess that Season 3 of The Wire is available even to Osama bin Laden.

So, what's to fear if some righteous American citizens want to sue phone companies which have illegally allowed the government to spy on nearly all of us?

Well, it certainly wouldn't give terrorists any more information than they could already guess.

But it would give the American citizens information about just how many of us have come under government surveillance. And that number could be high, as in, all of us.

And what would you call a government that spies on all of its citizens, hides the fact that it does, and then lies about it when they are caught? How's Oceania sound?

Of course, the right-wing radio ranters will chime: "Our way of life is at stake. We need to wiretap. If you're innocent, what do you have to hide"

Remember that, conservatives, when it's Barack Obama who's listening into your midnight chats.

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