Saturday, March 8, 2008

She stoops to conquer

(Blogspot was down for a period yesterday, March 8. This was written then, but could not be posted.)

So, as an English major who truly loved the literature 18th century England, it's interesting to read again and again the editorial judgment that Hillary Clinton has stooped to low behavior in order to achieve the goal of being the presidential candidate.

It is neither as funny, now will end as neatly and satisfactorily, as Oliver Goldsmith's comedy to which the journalists allude, knowingly or not.

I've already come to terms that if Clinton is the candidate against the hotheaded chimera John McCain, I will be forced to vote for Clinton. In doing so, I doubt that much in the world will change. I don't support her in her run against Barack Obama because she is a hawk - voting for and supporting George Bush in his war in Iraq, and again voting with Joe Lieberman to allow an invasion of Iran. And now, it has become clear, if it wasn't already, that she will do or say anything to gain the most important seat of power in the world.

She will claim experience she doesn't possess.

She will praise a conservative Republican opponent over her moderate Democratic opponent.

She will allow her aides to make outrageous claims and shrug off their inferences of Obama's alleged "corruption."

She will play the fear card to a cowed and stupid populace.

She will bend the rules of fairplay, in a way the Republicans and the Bush administration have doen for eight years, so that she may gain a technical advantage.

Long before Keith Olbermann made the open suggestion that she was this year's model of Creepy Joe ™ Joe Lieberman, I was having the same visceral reaction to seeing her image in the news. When I see Lieberman, or Bush, my skin crawls in revulsion. And so it is now when I see the rictus political trail smile of Hillary Clinton.

And, if she is the candidate, I will have to stifle my retching to vote for her.

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Anonymous said...

It's official. Hillary is now the biggest slimebag alive.