Sunday, March 9, 2008

Securing his legacy as war criminal

In a radio address yesterday, the White House resident George Bush, defended one of the few vetoes of his presidency. He vetoed a bill which would outlaw the use of waterboarding and other torture methods in interrogations by the CIA.

Trotting out his usual list of dubious illustrations which allegedly prove that torture works, Bush once again spoke about preventing terrorists from flying an airliner into the Los Angeles Library Tower (now the Bank Tower). The actual details of this amazing act of preventative intelligence has been questioned, and debunked by several sources since it was originally reported by Bush in 2005. Keith Olbermann made it the centerpiece of one of his notable Special Comments.

Of course, that didn't stop Bush from using it once again in the defense of his immorality. Worse still, it didn't stop any media sources from printing it verbatim, as if it were the truth. That includes the LA Times, which was one of the original debunkers.

How will we ever stop the lies, when the liars can count on the media to validate the lies?

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