Wednesday, July 1, 2009

He plays the devil's advocate so well, perhaps he's typecast

Video from Paul Bass and the New Haven Independent

As far as I'm concerned, once you've run over the skunk, no amount of air freshener is going to get rid of the stink.

And so is the case with Creepy Joe™ Lieberman, who shilled for the Republicans when he guessed, and guessed wrong, that he might find a power base in an alliance with his idealogical similar colleagues. After he and his bellicose, conservative allies were rundown in an election by voters fed-up with deceit and cronyism, his limp corpse was dusted off by Barack Obama and presented to Democratic legislators, wearing clothespins on their noses, as an opportunity.

The skunk in question made no apologies for his stink, but set about pretending he was one of the gang again.

Until things like this demonstrate that the proof is available, in black and white, that a skunk's stripes are as indelible as a leopard's spots. As for the skunk's obligation to help those who held their noses and welcomed him back, it seems that the skunk is thinking like a Republican again.


Susan said...

Of course if that cough of his turns out to be something serious, he doesn't have to worry about HIS health care, now does he.......

At least Dodd had the grace, a few years ago when he had orthopedic surgery, to wish that all Americans had the same quality of health care that HE did.

Kevin L said...

Is it me? Or did he say nothing at all for two straight minutes??

I kept waiting for someone else to cough in the we used to do in high school (done while coughing) "Douchebag".