Wednesday, July 29, 2009

'Dam you Bill O'Reilly

Talk about your "wonderfully naive" ideas. O'Reilly and his panel of fake experts don't seem to have a clue, as usual.

Godverdomme, you moederneuker.

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Kevin L. said...

Okay…what a surprise…another FOX Bullshitcast. How extremely ignorant and childish was that?

I do understand that FOX-TV's employees need to fulfill your duties; that they have deadlines to meet, to turn something in to their bosses for their bought & paid for television time slots. But what the fuck was that all about?

Do they not think real Americans travel to foreign cities? Even Amsterdam?? Do those Fox-Holes just not care that a percentage (even if it's a small %) of the American population knows they are full of shit? Someone needs to tell them that there are Americans who live and work here, some have actually spent entire two-week vacations here!

Maybe they simply have never been to another country? But don’t they read or watch real news? Quick, somebody hand them a picture book.

They're totally insulting a city that's very alive and thriving, both day and night. A place where, in all but the tiniest corner of the city (the infamous and ever shrinking Red Light District), kids can actually walk safely home alone at night.

A city where grandparents and parents can be seen walking to the market arm-in-arm with their teen aged sons and daughters. A relatively clean city with more history and culture than those Fox Boobs probably ever even read about.

Sure, there's some crime, but nowhere near the level of violence found in almost any average North American city. Our news doesn’t start with ten minutes of death and doom. When and if there's a's big news here.

I get the impression those brain dead FOX Babes would follow Bill "Jim Jones" O'Reilly off the edge of their flat world, if he could find his way to it.