Monday, June 8, 2009

C'mon Joe, let's sing another extraordinary rendition of "I cry because I don't know my daughters."

The horror the Bush administration perpetrated continues to become clearer and clearer. The savage attacks on liberty, decency and the rule of law, that the Obama administration is now a party to.

Watch this interview with Lakhdar Boumediene, a former humanitarian aids worker, then hold your hand over your heart and try to remain proud of a country that would keep an innocent man in a cage for seven years, torture him, then release him and tell him he cannot be compensated for this atrocity because it would violate state secrets.

Be aware that Creepy Joe™ Lieberman voted to keep men like Boumediene behind bars, without cause, for as long as we damned-well felt terrorized. Be aware that the Obama administration favors a policy of preventive detention (I need someone with a shred of credibility to explain to me how the Constitutionalist Obama feels this is justified). Be aware that we used to be able to say, "land of the brave and free," without a trace of irony in our voices.


Anonymous said...

According to wikipedia this guy has been consorting with terroists since 1986. Suggest you read a little on this scumbag before shedding any tears.

Ed McKeon said...

According to wikipedia, eh?

According to the Pentagon, Pat Tilman was killed in a firefight with enemy forces.

According to the Pentagon Jessica Lynch was a heroine. An account she now refutes.

According to the Pentagon, torture at Abu Ghraib was the idea of a few renegade soldiers.

Now, who you gonna believe....

Anonymous said...


Kevin L. said...

Wikipedia is an online "service" where people can make shit up and post it...and they do. In fact, bogus submissions by Wiki-Wingnuts have been on the increase. So much so that the site will (allegedly) soon contain more secure measures for those submitting content.

Anyone building their case(s) based on Wikipedia "facts" are Wiki-Whacked!!

Incidently, I see that "Anonymous" is still throwing barbs from behind their wall of cowardly shame.