Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Jack Bauer of peace and ecology

(One of Susan Forbes Hansen beautiful winter landscapes.)

My friend Susan Forbes Hansen, who often forwards posts that end up here, was name-checked by Colin McEnroe in his column Sunday (yes, I know it's Wednesday).

McEnroe claims to get 11 emails a day from her. I think that's a slight exaggeration, but Susan seems to be connected, as McEnroe indicates, to networks that are determined to make you feel angry, inadequate, guilty and occasionally vindicated. I'm a bit envious that McEnroe receives a few more emails from Susan each day than me.

But mostly I get upset when SF Hansen finds interesting web stories before I do.

I welcome the slightly less than 11 emails I get from Susan each day, if only to be able to answer "read it already."

BTW, I'm plenty interested in the fact that I get the Jack Bauer reference though I've never seen a single minute of a single of 24 or Iron Chef, for that matter. I just know the clock is an important element on each.

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Anonymous said...

Actually, Ed, I think you bear some physical resemblance to Jack Bauer, especially in the scratchy photo which provides an echo image of Jack's whisper-scratchy voice. Eschewing popular culture like 24 or Iron Chef is not a great virtue. However, there are only 24 hours in a day, and assuming that you "work eight hours and sleep eight hours that leaves eight hours for play." This is the old-fashioned recipe for keeping the blues on the run. How exactly this translates into the modern blues-avoiding blogger's world would be an interesting story. No time for Tee Vee, is my guess.