Tuesday, January 27, 2009

It's just a state job

More than a few of us were shaken into awareness when CT House Speaker Chris Donovan offered former house speaker Jim Amann an advisor's job for $120k.

As we know, Amann thought better of accepting the job.

But it got a lot of people wondering. Do legislative staff really pull down that kind of dough?

I guess the answer is, "Hell, yes."

Colin McEnroe points us to this list, of salaries in the Democratic and Republican caucuses. State salaries paid by you and me.

The next logical question: Does a part-time legislature (and let's not kid ourselves, most legislators are full-time politicians), need a full-time staff of this size? And why do most of the staff make more than the legislators who hire them?

And why aren't any of this staff positions on the line when the state is so far in the hole?

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