Monday, July 14, 2008

Torture, wiretapping and the rule of men

Take the time to read this excellent essay by Glenn Greenwald about the relationship of torture of prisoners defined as "terrorists" and the passage of the FISA bill. He'll convince you that our political leaders have capitulated to government criminals who have convinced them to create a country run by the rule of men, and not by the rule of laws.

Greenwald makes the argument that people who complain about the lawlessness implicit in torture and warrantless wiretapping are marginalized as shrill, hysterical leftists who don't understand the threat of terrorism, and who are getting caught up in the minutiae of laws which don't really affect the great majority of law abiding citizens. This is an argument that even our ally and friend Colin McEnroe (WTIC-AM) has made when callers have forwarded debate on the FISA issue.

Greenwald also recommends the already-acclaimed new book on torture and the Bush administration, The Dark Side, by New Yorker investigative journalist Jane Mayer.

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