Monday, July 14, 2008

The skunk at the picnic

Senator Creepy Joe™ Lieberman is an outcast, but one who seems to enjoy goading those who have kept him around for reasons of expediency. See the New York Times report on his recent appearance a Senate Democratic luncheon.

It's a lot less like the black man who decided to sit at the Woolworth's counter in Alabama in the early sixties, and more like the burglar who decides to show up at a dinner party at a home he recently robbed. In other words, he's not making a particularly important philosophical point, he's just there for the free lunch and to make his colleagues squirm.

And when the interviewer asked if, during his campaigning for John McCain, he received talking points, his response was, "I usually don't."

Usually? Which means, sometimes he does?

He's got a lot of crust, Creepy Joe™ does. He's a party crasher and a boor who doesn't seem to understand that his party of one, is just that.

He's a bit like Bartleby the scrivener. Leave the party Joe.

"I would prefer not to."

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