Sunday, July 13, 2008

Creepy Joe™ martyrdom on the horizon

Creepy Robert Novak reports today that Creepy Joe™ Lieberman will be stripped of his coveted committee chairmanship, and his Democratic seniority if he decides to speak at the Republican National Convention. Of course, the Democrats won't kick him out until after the November elections. If they had any gumption, they'd have sacrificed their slim, and powerless majority, and kicked him off months ago. What have we gotten by keeping him around? Harry Reid's ineffectual leadership. More votes to fund a dangerous, immoral and debilitating war. A FISA bill which eviscerates two amendments of the Constitution. And Creepy Joe™ Lieberman's sanctimonious whining about partisanship, as he himself practiced the worst kind of partisanship imaginable - one which makes him accountable to no one but himself.

Of course what has truly been gained is that Democrats are Senate leaders and they have their chairmanships and perks of leadership. That's why Lieberman still lurks among them. And I suppose it's a good thing they have those leadership roles, otherwise Senate Republicans would have simply delivered everything George Bush wanted these past two years. Oh, that happened anyway, didn't it?

Be forewarned that if Lieberman is bounced from his chairmanship that he will become a self-described martyr of greater proportions than any of the horrors described in the Lives of the Saints. Can't you hear Lieberman now grousing about how partisan Washington has become, about how the Democratic party is no longer the party of Roosevelt and Kennedy, about how they have come to disrespect so noble a Senator who has done nothing but good for the country, for Connecticut and for Israel.

Belive me. There's evidence enough that Creepy Joe™ Lieberman will not easily forgive or forget a snub. He'll turn Republican in a heartbeat. And once he does, it's up to us in Connecticut to ask, "Can we have a do over?"

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