Saturday, June 14, 2008

Disregard for life and limb in Hartford's South End

There's little hope that reckless teenagers will be moved by the tragedy of a hit and run, but Friday night, as one of my co-workers left our parking lot on Broad Street she witnessed a spectacular disregard for everyone in the neighborhood.

Two young men, one on an ATV, one on an unregistered motorcycle, sped through the neighborhood, up on sidewalks, through stop sign intersections, in the wrong lane against traffic. They almost hit a little girl, caused cars in traffic to swerve, and nearly did themselves in.

This isn't the first time these kids and these vehicles wreaked havoc at rush hour. My coworker called me to ask if she should call 911 or some other police line. I suggested 911, given the concern about traffic safety in the South End after the Park Street accident.

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