Saturday, April 26, 2008

The demented state of state secrets

The down-the-rabbit-hole, switch-back logic, absurdity of it all is frightening.

Though it's against the law, and against your Constitutional rights, the government can spy on you with impunity. Because if you find out they are spying on you, you can't demand to make the evidence public, even if the government has mistakenly made the evidence public. And if you challenge the government, particularly this administration, they will claim it's a state secret so that it cannot be brought to justice before a judge, much less a jury.

Patrick Radden Keefe's article in the New Yorker documents the trail of a secret made public. A trail which inevitably leads to dead end after dead end.

Just pray they never throw you in an unmarked van and haul your ass off to some secret prison in Arkansas.

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