Tuesday, October 2, 2007

The real boss sings

Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez not at a folk festival.

Though it won't be "Kumbaya" in the presidential offices, charismatic Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez will be releasing an album of folk songs. It should destroy his career.

He should know that you can call the U.S. President, "Mr. Danger" and the devil, you can give free heating oil to the poor of the U.S., you can re-distribute land taken by profiteers in your own country, you can rant for three hours every Sunday on your own TV show, but you can't release an album of folk music and expect anyone to listen. Ask Ramblin' Jack Elliott, or Bill Staines. Ask Hazel Dickens or Cindy Lee Berryhill. Ask Pete Seeger, or Bruce Springsteen for that matter.

I have two words for you, El Presidente, "bluegrass" and "cdbaby.com."

I wonder how I get a comp of the new one?

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