Tuesday, October 2, 2007

An open letter to Mr. Springsteen

Dear Mr. Springsteen:

Today, our Republican governor has declared "Bruce Springsteen Day" in Connecticut. Perhaps she'll show up at the concert tonight for a photo op, so your picture with her can hang on her wall next to those of her with George Bush and Dick Cheney. I've been in her office, those pix are there.

The radio stations have begun playing your music. Even the conservative AM news radio station. Sure it's the same six songs, and great songs they are. I hope you're not disappointed that they haven't played anything from your last two albums, nor have they even considered anything from "Magic." You know, restrictive formats, corporate playlists, and gee, you really shouldn't expect them to play anything as controversial as "Devils and Dust," "Bring 'em Home," "Radio Nowhere," or "The Last To Die," or "Long Walk Home." And Patty's new album is really great, but I'm afraid she's too mature to be considered hip, and too young to be considered "classic."

As for tickets, I know you work hard to keep the brokers from snapping up all the good seats, but you'll probably recognize some of the folks in the first few rows from ESPN, maybe a senator or Congressman (though I suspect Creepy Joe Lieberman will stay away) and the New York TV crowd who will scoff at Hartford, but take our seats. A lucky few of us will get the automatic Springsteen upgrade, but I sure wish there was a way to scalp the scalpers - you don't even get a cut of the elevated price they're charging for the show.

I know you'll take the time to visit a food bank, or a homeless shelter. It's part of your MO, and it's something I appreciate about your work. You might remind the audience that most of the food pantries are coming up empty early this year, and it's a direct result of the "booming" economy that the president is always reminding us about.

If you have time tomorrow, tune in Caterwaul. It's on from 6-9 a.m. and I'll play a couple of Springsteen and Scialfa cuts along with my usual mix of folk and protest music. And if you have the time, grab a guitar and come on up, and we'll have a hoot.

That'll be me tonight screaming from the seats beneath the roof (upper level, section 219, seat M9). I'll be happy just to be in the building. It's my birthday today so I've got a request, sing one for Pete Seeger.



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