Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Shooting the hecklers

Pay attention America. When militaristic leaders don't like what they hear, they get rid of the most dangerous threats - buddhist monks and comedians. Watch your back John Stewart.

And how do military juntas grab power? They frighten the populace into believing that there is an imminent threat, and that the only protection we have is to surrender our liberties and to put in powerful military governments.

Yesterday, the Senate folded once again, and passed the Lieberman-Kohl resolution which urges the President (as if he needed a push) to name Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps as a terrorist group. This, as you may guess, is the first step in allowing the US to mount military strikes against Iran. Presidential candidate Hilary Clinton voted for the resolution, while Dodd and Biden voted against, and Obama was absent.

Where is the Democratic leadership? Cooking up excuses as to why they cannot find the strength to stand up to a morally bankrupt administration.

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