Friday, September 4, 2009

Godverdomme, Bill O'Reilly, u klootzak, eikel, flikker op nl u paardenlul

The Dutch are not happy with Bill O'Reilly. Neither are we.


Kevin L. said...

What a dipshit thing to say...

Asshole O'Reilly actually said: "The way they do statistics in The Netherlands is different"

That's what happens when ignorant blow-hards like B-O can't keep their pie-hole shut without ever doing any actual research.

Anyway, no harm done. So far no one I know in Amsterdam (or in all of Holland) has ever heard of Bill O'Reilly. Some, though few, have heard of Fox News. So I guess that's a plus?

Personally I think it's a good thing for him to keep talking about Amsterdam (or any subject) on the air. He proves two things to me on a regular basis:

1) He doesn't do his homework.
2) Any asshole can work at FOX.

By the way, there's no FOX Channel broadcasts over here. But we do get Jon Stewart's "Daily Show"!

guruserak said...

bo has no clue
Iam original from holland
our country the USA is one of the greater contries.
Bill O'reilly however is lucky enough to work for FOX
Holland Mr. Bill has much more culture than you ever.
The greater engineers (Water works etc) are from where Bill?
Holland has done more for humanity.
How old is the USA versus Holland Bill. Offensive comments places a different spin for FOX news.