Monday, July 23, 2007

The scourge of Fairfield County

Who could have imagined it would come to this. Wealthy suburbanites turning on Bambi.

Yes, it's true.

An organization called, Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance, is gunning for deer in the lush Fairfield Hills. Abetted by startling hunting advocates like Nick Kristoff and Peter Applebome, the group wants open season on bucks and does who frolic 'tween the mansions on the Metro North line. To the FCMDMA, deer are evildoers who will eat your rhododendron, step in front of your speeding SUV as they try to share your front seat, and infect you with debilitating disease.

According to the group, "a reduction in the deer population as the only sure way to reduce the number of cases of Lyme disease. "

Well...not exactly.

Since the deer tick, in its early stages, feeds on white-footed mice, the hunters of Fairfield need to stick their shotguns down all available mouse holes and blast away.

And since infected nymph ticks often attach themselves to cats and dogs, well....think of all the dog poop we won't have to scoop.

And since adult ticks take their blood meal from large mammals, including humans, if we exterminated all the humans in Fairfield County, it would guarantee there would be no new cases of Lyme Disease.

I think it's safe to say, that downtown Bridgeport could be spared the hunt.


Atia said...

If all deer were eradicated, as per Ms. Scholl's and the FCMDMA's wishes, Lyme disease would still be with us! When will these "scientists" admit that deer are not essential to the tick's cycle - any mammal will a matter of fact, more chances for ticks to quest for humans and/or their pets! When will they finally tell the truth? White-footed mice are responsible for Lyme disease - NOT deer! Bait boxes for mice are available - mice are fine, but no infected ticks! This is too simple a solution for the FCMDMA because it would stop deerkillers and deerhaters from getting their jollies!

Anonymous said...

The only "scourge" of Fairfield County is the Fairfield County Municipal Deer Management Alliance. What a bunch of blood thirsty butchers. With all members of the alliance pro-hunt/pro-kill, and in bed with the DEP who are more than delighted to "pad" the deer numbers for their convenience. Fairfield County has been down this road before, year after year, the FCMDMA beating that same old Lyme Disease act to death. The same old inaccuracies, the same old scare tactics. Oh that naughty FCMDMA...licking that sweet doe's blood off each others fingers.