Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Creepy Joe: Deaf, dumb and blind, but not mute

So Creepy Joe Lieberman doesn't like the partisanship in politics, yet he saves most of his complaints for his former party mates, as a group.

“I think either [Democrats] are, in my opinion, respectfully, na├»ve in thinking we can somehow defeat this enemy with talk..."

That's certainly non-partisan.

And he doesn't quite see that, in fact, several of his Republican friends are abandoning him on the President's Iraq policy.

"I’m disappointed that I am in so small a minority among Senate Democrats in taking the position that I have. "

That's convenient myopia.

And he doesn't understand why everyone is in such a huff about the Attorney General's lies.

“I fear that some people take this position also because anything President Bush is for, they’ll be against."

That's something called situational ethics.

And he wants to know why his Democratic colleagues aren't concerned about the fundamentalist Islamic threat.

“There is a very strong group within the party that I think doesn’t take the threat of Islamist terrorism seriously enough.”

That's because the Democrats would rather be pursuing Osama bin Laden then some Sunni insurgents who became insurgent when America arrived, unbidden, in Iraq. I guess it takes a fundamentalist to know a fundamentalist.

There's so much he doesn't seem to understand, but at least he's having fun.

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