Saturday, July 28, 2007

Many hands make light work...

There's progress being made on the new Habitat for Humanity house at 30 Pearl St. in Middletown, but because of a late start in the midst of vacation season, their hasn't been an outpouring of volunteer help.

I wasn't able to help this weekend myself, but I stopped in after getting back from a few days in Maine and I found Jamie and a small crew hurrying to install ceiling joists and flooring, as thunder rumbled in the near distance with the promise of a downpour (which has now arrived).

Work on the house will continue on Saturdays into September, and volunteers can either email Joyce Hatton Yarrow at or call the Habitat at office at 860-343-9179 to indicate your availability.

They'll be trying to get the second floor interior and exterior walls up next Saturday.

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