Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sharks rising to the chum spread on the airwaves

It's impossible for me to feel anything but contempt for the people in this video. I have not the power to excuse or forgive their stupidity, their boorishness or their misplaced piety. The video speaks for itself.

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Kevin L. said...

Virtually every similar video footage that I've seen seems to be full of loud and obnoxious ranters, eyes glazed, and shouting catch phrases planted in their little minds by someone else. No substance at all...just shouting slogans and "nah-nah'ing" reporters and anyone else who asks them a question.

These robots can't answer questions because they seemingly have no clue what their stance is on the issue(s) they are supposedly protesting.

Perhaps whatever lobby is sending these mindless bodies, complete with signs, to various venues, ought to at least give them something intelligent to say when approached with a question?

I hope these nuts are being manipulated by someone. I really hate to think that they are truly the idiots they appear to be on video? ...or that they vote...or might even reproduce!