Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fighting fascism one a-hole at a time

Those of you who fell into despair after reading Sara Robinson's essay on fascism, as I did, can take heart that the same author has responded to the many people who responded to her original essay with some commonsense advice about fighting the fascist threat.

Interestingly, one of her ideas is to think nationally but act locally.

It's been on my mind that the people of central Connecticut need to confront the owners and managers of WTIC-AM about the irresponsible broadcasting that's been going on there. By listening carefully, and cataloguing incitment, racism, threats, we may be able to back the bully down.


Kevin L. said...

C'mon're assuming too much. You're assuming people who make a difference in society are listening to WTIC radio, and/or this ignorant & inciteful host.

Susan said...

Oh, these people are making a difference in society, all right, and it is not a good one!