Saturday, August 29, 2009

More helpful hints for fighting fascism

It's been a puzzle to me how the major AM radio station in the state has given itself over completely to right-wing blather (and the Red Sox and UCONN Huskies) when it neither reflects the feelings or attitudes of a majority of the population, nor any relation to the truth.

Yet, WTIC-AM becomes more strident with every passing day, and from it's morning drive-time jock, a right-winger who declares himself a libertarian, to the show which follows, in which a shallow, vacuous, feeble-minded host parrots the day's wingnut talking points for his tiny, but dedicated audience, to the national feeds of hate-mongering bloviators, the station panders to the fears of the uninformed to define a focused audience for advertisers. Some would say it all comes down to money. But is there something more?

Is the corporate-owned radio giant a megaphone for conservative corporate talking points aimed at perpetuating a free-market, small-government myth. One has to begin to think so, otherwise this boil on the bum of broadcasting wouldn't make sense in a state which is largely liberal and Democratic.

And because WTIC neither owns the airwaves over which it broadcasts, nor is any longer peforming a service to the public, it's up to us to begin to ask why it should retain its license.

This is something we can do locally to fight a surge in fascist thought that's flooding America. Sara Robinson has written thoughtfully on the topic, and now she has more to say.

Back to our local conservative radio station which has failed in its mission to serve the public. It calls itself "new talk" radio, but "news" is a gathering of fact, and fact no longer is the basis for the "talk" on the station. Time to listen carefully, take notes, and report to the FCC anytime you feel the station is promoting hate, racism, homophobia and particularly incitement to treason.


Anonymous said...

I would assume ratings drive radio programing and if what tic is broadcasting is getting high enough ratings to get advertisers then what they are broadcasting is what the listeners want.

Kevin L said...

I totally disagree with Anonymous.

Commercial radio stopped broadcasting "what the listeners want" years ago. WTIC broadcasts [feed] listeners what the company wants the listener to 'want'. It's a force-feeding of sorts; Pavlov's Radio Dogs, if you will.

Personally I think Anonymous either works for, or is in-kind with, the one-sided mule called WTIC Radio.

What's with the 'Anonymous' option anyway? Is that for people whom don't have the balls to live up to what they say/write?

Anonymous said...

Whats the difference between anom. and kevin l